We’re at the beginning of 2022. Most of us crept into this year with tentative steps; there was nobody shouting, “this year is our year”. We have learned some hard lessons from 2020 and 2021. But still, the expected Christmas lockdown didn’t happen; and this is a New Year after all. 
So, what is going to change? 
In the world? I wouldn’t like to even begin to hazard a guess. In branded packaging? Well, you have come to the right article. This information might just help you make the best possible branding decisions for your business, whether you are hipster coffee shop, or a hearty takeaway. 
These are the packaging trends we expect in 2022. 

2022 will be the year of interactive packaging 

It’s a funny term, isn’t it? Interactive packaging. It almost makes it sound like your pizza box will be a voice-activated wonder. And as cool as it would be to be able to access a live chat on the greaseproof paper of your taco wrapping, that isn’t quite what we mean. 
Many brands have turned to QR codes. 
There isn’t a brand that doesn’t exist online, and it is very unlikely that a customer of a UK restaurant is not going to be armed with a smartphone. So, people are adding QR codes to their packaging so that the customer can visit their Facebook page, check out their website, or even cash in on some loyalty rewards. This packaging trend is only going to intensify in 2022. 

2022 packaging will be getting nostalgic 

Over the past few years there has been a swelling wave of people getting nostalgic about the past. There has been a massive rise in something called “fauxstalgia”. 
Whilst this isn’t all about 13-year-old girls in Nirvana t-shirts, you can’t have missed the shifting focus onto “the good old days”, in marketing. This is yet another trend we don’t foresee dying down anytime soon. 
There has always been something soothing about the good old days. Perhaps this focus has had something to do with the troubled times we have observed of late. Whatever it is, the past is the future, and we expect to see more of that throughout 2022. 
Political marketing 
There was once a time when personal politics was a well-guarded subject. You may remember having always been advised that you should never bring politics to the pub. But there has been a massive shift in political philosophy over the past few years; and 2022 could be the most political year yet. 
This isn’t to say there will be a lot of fish and chip shops out there shovelling their batters onto paper displaying the emblems of Labour or the Conservatives. But come Pride Month, or Black History Month, expect a lot of brands to throw their support visually behind these movements. 

Big bright bold banners 

We need some optimism in our 2022. There is a big push in the UK to get everything working again. Everyone should go back to work, concerts should start happening again, sporting events should go back to Mexican waving around stadiums. Pastel colours just won’t cut it anymore. It needs to big bright and bold. 
This is how brands are going to stand out from the crowd this year. 
Expect your supermarket shelves to be a blinding rainbow. All fluorescent shades of “pick me pick me” will be used in catering and the shops. There will be a fantastic array of hues to choose from. 

It’s time to get designing this year’s packaging 

This is the year to be brave. Splash those colours around, stand behind your favourite awareness days, and get a bit nostalgic. Bring your branding to life with bespoke packaging. Because it is a great way to market your business, and it is a great way to become memorable. 
If you need any advice on your takeaway food packaging designs, or you want to ask some questions about getting your branding on your food packaging, please call us on 01604 261 681. 
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