Some of you might have noticed this strange yellow orb hanging in the sky. It brings happy memories, feelings of warmth, and this desire to spend more time outside. Also, it acts as a portent for beachside businesses and festival owners that good times are ahead. 
Festival food packaging
Where there is sun, there are people frolicking and enjoying life’s simple pleasures; and, let’s be honest, being a little bit messy. 
As a business owner there is nothing you can do about that, unfortunately. You can only do your best to promote environmental conscience and sustainability. Sometimes you might think this is an uphill battle, however. 
Despite your food packaging being environmentally friendly, and all the energy you save through other conscious practices, it seems that your hard work is going to waste. Especially when everyone seems to have left your package lying all over the place when you leave. 
But don’t worry – thinking green still benefits your business. 

Green thinking improves your brand image 

A cynic would suggest that “green” is a very trendy colour right now. Are most of the brands suddenly focussing on greener initiatives just jumping on a bandwagon to sell more of their products. Probably? Maybe? Who knows? Truth is, it doesn’t matter. 
Even if all of these companies are waxing lyrical about their “carbon neutral” goals to attract mindful millennials, then by doing so, they are still helping the environment. So, really, it’s a good bandwagon to jump on. 
In all honesty, with the irresistible rise of veganism and other concerns, brand image is quite important to people. If your company is seen to be doing even the smallest thing to create sustainability, then customers will view your business in a positive light. 
Green branded food packaging

Better preparedness for future legislation 

Sustainable practices cause a lot of debate. There are still those that decry movement towards sustainable future as virtue signalling and think that climate change is a myth. Whether or not they are right, again, is irrelevant. What people want are sustainable practices that protects nature, rather than cause any undue harm. 
More and more, you can see governments turning to this way of thinking. All throughout the UK, infrastructure is being created to help the country legislate for greener practices. Sooner or later there will be legislation for something that affects your business. 
By using energy efficient methods in your restaurant or food vehicle, future transitions will be easier for you. It works exactly the same for you packaging. There is every chance that sustainable packaging will become a topic of legislature in the future. Guess what? You’re awesome and you’re already doing your best. 
Green thinking and employee pride 
It isn’t just customers that are important to a company. In fact, more important, are your staff. A company that is proud of the work that it is doing for the community and for the environment will instill that sense of pride in their employees. It doesn’t matter if you’re a food chain popping up at festivals, or a large chain like Lush. People want to be able to say they are proud of the place they work. 
Advertising yourself as an environmentally conscious business, you will likely attract like-minded individuals who will represent your brand to the best of their ability. 
Obviously, you will need to more than just investing in recyclable branded packaging, but that at least is a steppingstone in the right direction, and we can help you there. 

Contact us today on 01604 261 681 to discuss your branded food packaging. 

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