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In the UK foodservice industry, visibility is the main ingredient for brand success and is almost as important as the food itself. The taste of menu items needs to be matched by the aesthetics and brand identity they project. Brand iT are a leader in printed greaseproof paper designs and we understand the value of appealing branding and great food. 
This is your guide to why custom printed greaseproof paper is not just a wrapping tool, but a substantial marketing platform that can, and does, elevate a brand’s image and reach. 

Capitalising on the UK’s hot QSR market with printed greaseproof paper 

Despite the UK enduring financial setbacks, consumers are still dining out and getting takeaways whenever they can. This is contributing to a surge in growth of the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) market and thankfully, predictions of continued growth across the whole UK foodservice industry. 
The growth of fast, casual dining, particularly in the burger segment, has created a lucrative niche for those who spot and seize the right branding tactics. 

Printed greaseproof paper and the social media infatuation with food 

Consumer behaviour has been creating an unprecedented demand for unique methods of brand promotion and this is mostly stemming from the use of social media. Let’s face it, as a nation, the Brits love food, and we love sharing our love of food. 
Our smartphones don’t leave our hands, and when we’re eating, only delicious, food is more important than our digital companions. Taking and sharing photos of the food we eat and the places we dine in, was a natural evolution as technology has improved. 
Social media trends such as ‘unboxing’ videos has also driven an imperative for all brands to focus on the visual appeal of their packaging and it’s no different for food brands. Your brand’s success is now intrinsically linked to how Instagram-worthy your food and presentation is, and how easily they facilitate user generated content (UGC). 

How to use custom printed greaseproof paper 

Your brand is integral to your own identity as a chef, a business owner, or manager in the UK foodservice industry and your logo is a part of that. But it’s not just adding logos to greaseproof paper that turns heads, there are numerous ways to get your diners attention and encourage them to share your brand. 
Use images to bypass language barriers, 
Print QR codes to launch competitions, 
Tell a story with text, 
Divulge recipe secrets or hidden messages to spark debate, 
Release special occasion food in unique packaging, 
Encourage play and social sharing through games 
Getting creative with food packaging will delight your customers and motivate them to spread the word about your culinary concoctions, happy to be loyal brand ambassadors and create UGC you can then share as well. 

Five useful features of printed greaseproof paper 

The bespoke printed greaseproof paper Brand iT produce are 100% Food Standards Agency Approved and certified ISEGA Food Safe, including the inks. 
Our printed greaseproof paper comes from a sustainable source and produced to Halal in certification standards. 
Even with custom designs printed on, our greaseproof parchment paper is suitable for microwaves, ovens, and freezers. 
The environment we print our bespoke food paper in has no food or drinks allowed to protect from customer allergies and intolerances. 
All our printed greaseproof paper is biodegradable and recyclable so our clients can keep their environmental commitments. 
In a marketplace teeming with brands vying for visibility, it's the innovative tactics that stand out and custom printed greaseproof paper is a subtle yet powerful branding tool that’s ready for you to, pardon the pun, dish up. 
Brand iT's range of printed greaseproof papers, perfectly designed for various food types, is secured by industry-leading food safety certifications and a steadfast commitment to the environment. Choose Brand iT for custom greaseproof paper and transform your brand's visibility. 
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