There once was a time when all street food vendors were mostly glorified greasy spoons. You could get a hearty bacon sandwich, or a mouthful of burger for next to nothing, and the salmonella came free. It was poor quality food from basic food vans. 
Ah, the good old days. 
It isn’t quite like that now. Street food vendors take their quality, and their brand seriously. And it isn’t just a grease-soaked roll with crispy pig in it. There are all sorts of delicacies, from sushi to churros. What a world we live in. 
However, more options mean more competition. So how are you going to promote yourself over all the other vendors around you? 

Branded food packaging, that’s how 

Obviously, it is no surprise to anyone that a food packaging business believes that branded packaging is going to set you apart from your competitors. But hear us out. 
Your customer finds themselves in the market food court, and there you all are. They get a waft of Mexican food, and that scent twists itself around the pungent garlic of the Italian vendor, and underneath there is the sickly scent of doughnuts. The smells keep coming, and all around them everyone is chomping out of white cardboard boxes. Other patrons are rustling their white or brown paper bags to get at their desserts, and although the very sight makes them salivate; they don’t know what to have. 
But amongst these white and beige packages there is a colourful box with your logo on it. And now they can identify a tasty treat and look for your stall. 

Even street food vendors need brand awareness 

OK, that example might seem a little crude. But in essence it is how it works. If everything looks the same, confusion sets in. If something stands out whilst you are trying to make your decision, then you have a natural urge to gravitate towards that option. 
More importantly though, it is about brand identification. 
You want people to be talking about your brand. Of course, the food comes first. There is nothing more important to you than the customer enjoying an explosive mouthful of your noodles. But they need to identify where it is from first. 
That’s where your packaging comes in. 

Because the British people don’t like asking embarrassing questions 

If you see someone on a bench eating a killer burger filled with crisp salad, chipotle sauce and blue cheese, what are you going to do? Are you going to wander up to the feasting stranger and ask where they got it from? 
Of course, you won’t. The British find that rude and embarrassing. 
What we will do is look at the box they are eating the burger from. Once we can identify that, we start the research. Where can we find these amazing looking burgers? What do they cost? 
Your branded food packaging has now started someone on the journey to becoming a customer of yours. 

Now is the time to invest in branded food packaging 

We are heading towards festival season. And not just the big bangers like Download or Reading festivals. We are talking every town in the UK is going to be throwing some form of festival. 
Remember this year is the Jubiliee. 
What a great opportunity for street vendors to get their name out, to show everyone what they are capable of. But like we said, there is no shortage of street vendors. They all want to attract those festival goers to their stall. Now, is the best time to start looking at your branded food packaging. 

For more advice on branding your food packaging, give us a call on 01604 261 681. 

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