Using Branded Greaseproof Paper For Presentation 

Greaseproof paper is well-known as an essential kitchen product but when personalised with the logo of a food brand, it becomes a valuable tool for food presentation. As well as being resistant to grease, high-quality greaseproof paper is suitable for oven and microwaving cooking and freezing. Even though it is biodegradable and recyclable, greaseproof paper can be printed onto with food grade, plant-based inks, resulting in a premium branded product that is suitable for both food preparation and presentation. 
In this article we’re sharing some of our favourite ways to enhance food presentation using branded greaseproof paper, across a range of different environments and situations. 
Presenting food in displays on countertops 
Plating presentation for the table 
As a background to elevating food photography 
Brand visibility for different occasions 
Upgrading generic takeaway packaging 

Using branded parchment paper to present food in displays 

Glass and plastic countertop display cabinets are a great way of directing the attention of your customers to the food you want them to buy the most, as well as proudly displaying your delicious culinary creations.  
Adding branded greaseproof paper to the display is a practical and pretty way to enhance the look of your cabinets. The personalised paper stops sticking, keeps the surfaces cleaner, and draws the eye to focus on the food.  
In this image, the folks at @goodfolkbakery use greaseproof paper to show off their Biscoff buns and separating them from the other items in the display case to make it easier for customers to view them. 
good folk bakery biscoff buns

Improving how food is plated and presented to customers 

the hive loughton honey porridge oats
Some food is just harder to make look as appealing and delicious as it tastes, and porridge is one of those foods. 
Overcoming this challenge, @thehiveloughton have used high-quality, fresh and colourful fruits, as well as branded greaseproof paper, to transform their whole oat and honey porridge from what could be quite dull to look at, to a visually exciting and inviting dish.  
We love that the bee in their logo perfectly complements the honey in the dish. 

Creative backgrounds for enhancing food photography 

Photography is a major part of marketing food whether it’s through social media, websites, or menus, and high-quality photos make the most impact on consumer behaviour.  
Including branded greaseproof paper as part of the photography delivers a focused backdrop and communicates further information to your customers. 
In this example, @datesbydated aren’t using their logo on greaseproof paper but have instead incorporated artful line drawings of dates. Dates are their brand, and this background allows the beautifully crafted selection of Ajwa date slices to really shine. 
dates by dated ultimate date selection box

Amplifying brand visibility at buffets and BBQs 

mouse at brimstage - canapes and bbq presentation
Food presentation is just as important outside of a formal sit-down dining space and when it comes to buffets, BBQs, and non-traditional eating like canapés, greaseproof paper is there to help brands get seen among the noise of serving platters, movements, and clutter. 
@mouseatbrimstage use colourful branded greaseproof paper to draw attention to their ingenious bread bowl of mini sausages at an outdoor event.  
Without the bright patterned paper, the brown bread would be sitting on a brown board and wouldn’t be as visible. 

Adding your brand to generic takeaway packaging 

When customers are going to be eating your food from the inside of a takeaway container, such as a box, it’s important to keep your branding at the forefront of their mind.  
Box meals are becoming more popular and, in this image, @grill_thirteen are making sure their box meals are enjoyed with their brand highly visible.  
With the logo paper the same colour as the box, the logo stands out but doesn’t outshine how appetising the food looks. 
If you’re on a budget that doesn’t extend to branded food packaging, personalised parchment paper like this is a great way to enhance generic takeaway containers. 
Grill thirteen - mix taco box
These are five fantastic examples of the creative ways food brands across the UK are serving and presenting their food. If you want to add a personalised touch to your food presentation, order branded greaseproof paper from our team at Brand iT in Northampton
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