Don’t you just love this time of year? You’ve received contracts to take your food to many festivals. They might be the big headbanging monsters like Download, or a local city festival catering to a few thousand people. It doesn’t matter. 
Festival food packaging
It is a perfect time to get your amazing food to new customers. 
The only downside is that you won’t be the only food outlet there. You might not even be the one selling sushi, fish, or whatever you are making. So, you need to make sure everyone knows who you are. 

Branded food packaging is the way forward. 

So how do you make your branded packaging work for you at a festival? 

A branded food box will make you easily identifiable 

If someone turns up selling the same type of food as you, there is already one thing that sets you apart. Your own branding. 
Unless, by some crazy fluke, the other vendor happens to be your long-lost twin, or there has been some copyright trickery afoot, you will be different. Different names. Different colour, different typeface; therefore, your box will be different. 
Obviously, your products are far superior, so when your customer gasps in delight as their mouth fills with flavour, they will associate that with your brand. And, they will spend more time checking you out. 
However, it doesn’t matter how good your food is if you don’t use branded packaging. By the time they realise what a genius you are, they may have walked on, and haven’t thought to grab your business name. 
Branded food packaging

Make your takeaway box interactive 

It doesn’t matter how diverse your customer pool is, they will always have one thing in common. Their mobile phone is likely to be stapled to their hand. In fact, they might just be about to plaster your #TastyBurger over their Instagram. 
So, let’s add a QR code to your box. 
People are likely to be too busy having the time of their lives to remember your brand after the festival. But, if they see a QR code on the box, they can find you online easily and start following you. 
Then they can continue bouncing around the muddy field safe in the knowledge that you are now connected. 
Let everyone know that you’re environmentally conscious 
The environment is a big thing with Millennials and Gen Z at the moment. Both generations are conscious about things like carbon footprints, and pollution. Pesky youngsters trying to save the planet. 
Thing is, it doesn’t matter what your politics are. These are the two biggest consumer groups in the world. 
Most of your money will come from the wallets of these ardent eco-warriors. So, it pays to make sure you are giving them what they want. 
Use recyclable materials. Make sure you use eco symbol on your boxes so that your customers know that you have made an ethical choice. They will thank you for that, and many will socially advocate for you. 
Bold branded takeaway food packaging

Don’t be afraid to be bold with your food packaging 

How do you want your packaging to work for you? Do you want it to politely recommend your brand just in case someone is hungry? Or, do you want your box to grab customers by the lapels and scream “these are the best tacos known to man!” 
Of course, the latter only works if you sell tacos. 
Regardless, pastel and muted colours are out. They’re old fashioned. You want your boxes to be almost as loud as the bands that are playing at the festivals. 
If you’re designing your festival branded food packaging, then remember these four key tips. 

If you need help with designing and printing your packaging, contact us today on 01604 261 681 and ensure your festival food conatiners are shouting your brand. 

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