Features and Benefits of Branded Greaseproof Paper  

At Brand-iT we offer a wide range of premium branded greaseproof paper designed to promote your brand and improve your food presentation. Personalised greaseproof paper has a host of features and benefits that add to the dining experience, not just for sit-in restaurants, but also for food trucks, takeaways, bakeries, pubs and more. In this blog we’ll explore some of the features and benefits of branded greaseproof paper. 

Benefits of Branded Greaseproof Paper 

Greaseproof paper is a versatile and useful kitchen tool regardless of whether it is branded or not. By adding a logo, image, QR code, or text to greaseproof paper you can increase the number of benefits. 
Maintains freshness – keep your food looking and tasting fresher for longer without using plastic wraps like cling film. 
Minimises mess – reduce cleanup time and effort with greaseproof paper that keeps oils and sauces contained. 
Grows brand awareness – increase brand visibility and recognition with every order served, especially effective at outdoor events or with takeaway food. 
Makes food interactive – use personalised greaseproof paper to encourage participation in events, competitions, or special offers, exclusively for the customers who order your food. 
Eco-friendlier option – greaseproof paper is a sustainable solution that aligns with your eatery’s commitment to the environment. Our Brand-iT greaseproof paper is responsibly sourced, biodegradable, and recyclable. 
Various sizes - Find the perfect fit for your needs with a range of sizes available, as well as short and long print runs, and custom orders. 

Features of Branded Greaseproof Paper 

Not all greaseproof paper is made alike, here are the features that set our high quality branded greaseproof paper apart from the rest. 
Certified and approved 
Our branded greaseproof paper has been validated by ISO 14001 Environmental and ISO 9001 Quality accreditations, approved by the Food Standards Agency, and is ISEGA Food Safe. 
Suitable for vegans 
All our inks and paper are food safe and made from plant-based materials to reduce the impact on our planet and ensure vegan and vegetation food can be served in it. 
Halal certified 
Our greaseproof paper is suitable for a halal food environment, that includes the full colour, plant-based printing inks. 
Customisation options 
There are a huge range of customisation options from a simple logo to adding the ingredients list, the choice is yours. We offer a free design service and your choice of black, one Pantone colour, two Pantone colours, or a full colour print. 
Versatile for every kitchen 
Our branded greaseproof paper is suited to different applications and kitchen environments and can be used with both hot and cold food. It is also microwavable, ovenproof, and freezeproof. 

Test the features and benefits of branded greaseproof paper 

With our free mock-up service available, you can get a free sample of your design to view and use. Once we receive your logo, and special requirements if you have them, we produce an artwork proof which is sent to you to confirm. 
Once confirmed we print a sample number sheets for you to use and you can enjoy the free sample branded greaseproof paper
Get in touch with any questions and receive personalised assistance from our friendly Brand-iT team. 
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