When people think of branded packaging, they are usually thinking about the box. That’s the first thing they see; a brightly coloured hollow cube of cardboard with the logo of their favourite takeout or restaurant. Most people don’t really consider the inlays or the greaseproof paper. After all, that is purely functional, not aesthetic. 
But a lot of businesses are now starting to stick their moniker on the paper. But does branding the paper that ends up grease-soaked and in the bin have any benefit? 
Branded Greaseproof Paper

Extend your business’ reach with branded greaseproof paper 

In some ways you have to wonder why it took people so long to think about branding the greaseproof paper. Considering the amount of marketing touchpoints, it creates to reach a new audience, you would think that we should have branded the greaseproof paper a long time ago. 
I mean, let’s be honest. They have been branding the staff in their uniforms, the bags that they deliver their food in, and even the bins outside the restaurants. The paper is another touch point. 
Also, if you’re eating food in the street, you may have thrown the box in a bin, and then walked with your food to another location. 

Differentiate your business from your competitors 

So, you’re entering the food court of a busy market, and everyone is munching. They are wandering around with their burgers, their paninis, and their massive pretzels. There are just so many smells, it is glorious. But people are all eating with white paper wrapped around their food. 
It might all smell good, and the food might soak our mouths to look at, but it is hard to trace where it came from. But with branded greaseproof paper, you have identifying markers. The business has signed their work and you can trace them. 
It is a really good way of differentiating your business. 
Branded Greaseproof Paper

Even street food vendors need brand awareness 

OK, that example might seem a little crude. But in essence it is how it works. If everything looks the same, confusion sets in. If something stands out whilst you are trying to make your decision, then you have a natural urge to gravitate towards that option. 
More importantly though, it is about brand identification. 
You want people to be talking about your brand. Of course, the food comes first. There is nothing more important to you than the customer enjoying an explosive mouthful of your noodles. But they need to identify where it is from first. 
That’s where your packaging comes in. 

Promote sustainability with greaseproof paper 

There are a lot of brands that are turning their eyes towards the environment. As sustainability is the hot topic of the moment, and rightly so, brands are looking into ways they can help reduce their carbon footprint or contribute the betterment of the environment. And without trying to sound cynical, they also like to shout about it. 
Whether or not you believe this is to help customers make sustainable choices, or it is a company virtue signalling, branded materials do tell the right story. These are biodegradable materials, or recyclable, and this business has signed it to make sure everyone knows they are acting ethically. 
Promote sustainability with greaseproof paper and set an example for your customers and your competitors. 
Branded Food Wraps

Branded greaseproof paper is affordable 

Despite the marketing sustainability power that greaseproof paper offers your brand, it is actually not much more expensive than plain white greaseproof paper. In fact, as discussed above, the branded greaseproof paper is able to attract more customers and thereby help make more money for the business. 

For more advice on branding your greaseproof paper, give us a call on 01604 261 681. 

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