5 Real Examples of Branded Greaseproof Paper 

Branded greaseproof paper is a hugely versatile product, not only is it a useful kitchen tool, but a powerful branding device too. The qualities of versatility and brand power can be combined to create an appealing product that translates perfectly into appealing imagery. 
In this blog we’re sharing five of our favourite foods from food brands across the UK that use our branded greaseproof paper in their images to showcase their culinary talents and identities. 

Perfect for pizza 

Using branded greaseproof paper to line pizza boxes or plates is a brilliant marketing tactic. It’s not being used to hold the pizza together or keep it warm, the main function is to add to the look of the dish.  
@flanco_pizza use this tactic to deliver a superior visual treat in comparison to pizza presented without branded greaseproof paper, this also has the added benefit of displaying your brand for a fraction of the price of personalised pizza boxes. 

Wrapping things up nicely 

When it comes to food that requires wrapping, nothing helps keep the structural integrity intact better than high quality greaseproof paper. Burritos, gyros, shawarma, there are so many delicious options for styles and flavours but with one thing in common, wrapped up so they are easy to eat on the go.  
Here, @ehla.eats are keeping the food cocooned in branded greaseproof paper to reduce mess, but also creating a captivating image for their social media audience, using a cross section to show their appealing food. 

Branded bagels 

Bagels are the perfect food for anytime of day and are extremely versatile when it comes to ingredients and flavour combinations. Unlike wraps, a stuffed bagel has very little structural integrity and need a layer of protection during transport. 
In this image @thebagelprojecthq have cleverly used a cross section of their fully loaded All Day Breakfast bagel to make people’s mouths water. We’re excited that even with all that spicy ketchup, you can clearly see the greaseproof qualities of our premium greaseproof paper. 

Winging it 

There are endless possibilities to get creative with chicken wings, with a huge variety of sauces, rubs, marinades and toppings to choose from. The problem with photographing fried food is that it can all look fairly similar and very, um, brown.  
The approach from @cluckinbird is to use a contrast of bright white branded greaseproof paper and top their wings with brightly coloured garnishes to draw attention to the flavours and stand out from the background. 

A twist on the old fashioned cone of chips 

Let’s face it, there aren’t a lot of thrilling ways to plate fries and chips but @friesandguysuk have really stepped it up a notch by using branded greaseproof paper in cone shaped holders that have a dipping pot on the side. Totally elevating a usually overlooked part of a meal into something visually exciting and novel.  
Using branded greaseproof paper ensures that every customer who shares a photo of this epic presentation, is getting the word out about their brand too. 
Using branded greaseproof paper for more than just its greaseproof qualities is a popular and powerful way to get your branding message across and make bold, visual statements with your food. Get started with a free mock-up of branded greaseproof paper with your logo on. 
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